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Capitalisation of the SEE projects on multimodal accessibility to the primary networks – the thematic POLE 7

In line with the EU directives on multimodal transport systems and TEN-T transport network, the project POLE 7 aims to create the cohesion and optimization of project results on transport networks in South East Europe (SEE). The aim of the undertaken projects was to create a positive impact on the current state of transport in the region - the lack of relevant interconnections between transport modalities, under-exploitation of existing multimodal facilities, the lack of harmonization of technical standards and redundant and complex cross-border procedures. Primarily focusing on multimodal passenger and freight transport, as well as on their interactions and interdependencies, the projects aimed to create innovative systems and platforms with regional, national and international actors who can integrate the operations of various related players from the SEE area. 

The overarching POLE 7 gathers the results of implemented projects that have been working on the development of primary accessibility in the SEE region, supporting a multimodal environmentally sustainable transport area, from 2009 until today . The main focus of these projects was the improvement of the transnational dialogue, optimization of services and facilities based on the current infrastructural network, and removal of bottlenecks and legislative obstacles that affect the accessibility of the region. The projects, funded and implemented through the Transnational Cooperation Programme South East Europe under a single thematic field, now call for a capitalisation which will be conducted under the POLE 7 project. 
The capitalisation activities of POLE 7 focus on the exchange of information allowing leverage effect of the results achieved, improvement of the stakeholders’ dialogue and the capacity for influencing the decision making processes in order to achieve a better accessibility of the region. The results of these activities should also include recommendations for targeted future project development, and identification of the cases in which transnational cooperation is a necessary dimension for tackling certain aspects of primary accessibility.  In that sense, one of the most important capitalisation outcomes represents a joint database on transport and stakeholders data, but also the promotion of ADN self-assessment platform, INeS Danube e-learning platform and harmonised standards of training and certification of inland nautical personnel. With the goal of further capacity building and networking among the stakeholders, joint presentations promoting of projects' results as well as awareness rising on needs and short term intervention of national and regional authorities and decision makers, are envisaged for the implementation by the end of the year.


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