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ACROSSEE Project: 3rd project meeting and steering committee meeting held in Igoumenitsa

 Wed, 11/06/2014 - 17:16

The Regional Unit of Thesprotia’s Council Chamber hosted on 4-5 June, 2014 in Igoumenitsa, Greece, the 3rd project meeting and steering committee of the project ACROSSEE - Accessibility improved at border CROSsings for the integration of South East Europe. The steering committee of the project, the second-last preceding the project’s final conference, which will take place in Vienna at the end of the year, had the major intent of sustaining the set of project goals.

The CEI, lead partner of ACROSSEE, informed the steering committee about the state-of- the-art of the current implementation activities pertaining to the project’s technical WPs, making the entire consortium aware of the time it will take to deliver and manage project resources according to time and budget constraints. During the steering committee, all the WP leaders contributed by providing their own inputs on the current implementation of their activities.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the project consortium, and chaired by Mr Alberto Cozzi and Mr Ugo Poli, CEI Project Managers.

On top of the Agenda, the presentation of activities and state-of-the-art of ACROSSEE, paying special attention to the technical WPs, which focus on the development of the transport model and the establishment of an institutional platform for administrative cooperation in the SEE. The CEI provided information on the need to fix some deadlines for the upcoming initiatives, which include the second seminar to be held at the European Parliament in autumn 2014, stressing the need to raise the awareness towards institutions/MEPs involved in the transport working group of the house.

The CEI also advocated that the final report of the project should include inputs from all partners in due time for the printing of the publication. The report will thus reveal that the achievements of the ACROSSEE Project can be perceived through its support to the EU, public institutions, civil society and the private sector. At the end of the meeting, the whole consortium was called upon to ensure the implementation of the relevant administrative and financial conditions.

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